15 Songs for a Red, White, and Blue Playlist

From Taylor Swift to Frank Ocean

July 3, 2020

Are songs about fireworks, pie and whiskey and rye too passé for you? Are you feeling like you need a break from stars and stripes when the U.S. is facing massive political and societal divides?

Well instead of the traditional Fourth of July BBQ playlist we’ve curated a list of songs that hit the terms “red”, “white” and “blue” but each song itself is not dedicated to celebrating any national holidays. To put it simply, we’ve given you a playlist of great music across all genres that happen to contain the word “red”, or “white” or “blue.” It's time to light up the night with something different. Stay safe and enjoy the long weekend while you listen to the sounds of Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, Miranda Lambert, Beyoncé and more.

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