236 People Got Coronavirus After Attending Oregon Church Services During Lockdown

June 29, 2020

    Oregon's largest coronavirus outbreak has been associated with church services that were being held in the northeastern area of the state during lockdown.

    As coronavirus cases begin to climb again in Oregon, 236 people have been infected by attending church services at Lighthouse Pentecostal Church in Union County. The church continued to hold services despite stay-at-home orders.

    The state has now seen a new record high in case reportings for a single day, clocking in at 278 new cases of coronavirus on Tuesday. The previous record was 184.

    The new findings offer further evidence that large, indoor gatherings have the potential to be extremely risky in terms of coronavirus transmission.

    The Lighthouse Pentecostal Church services are now being considered a superspreader event, indicating that one person was able to infect a large number of others.

    According to The Observer, the church held in-person services in April and May, which lead to more than 60% of the congregation contracting coronavirus. 5 people associated with the outbreak were hospitalized, but no one in Union County has died from the virus.

    Before discovering this particular outbreak, Union County only had 25 cases to report.

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