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matt murphy

Steven Spielberg Supports His Daughter's Sex Worker Career

Let's normalize this! So, Mikaela Spielberg (23), one of Steven Spielberg's seven children, has begun her own career, as an adult film star. Living in Tennessee right now, she's already applied for approval to become an official sex worker. She even said in several interviews that her father is... Read More
matt murphy

Ariana Accidentally Made Another Album... Again?!

She tweeted a 'playlist' the other day of 'songs' that she 'liked enough to share'. a clown — Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) February 19, 2020 So in a slew of now-deleted tweets, Ariana Grande announced to her fans that she has a growing playlist of songs that she liked... Read More

Snow Could Be Coming to RVA

If you've been praying to snow angels for winter to arrive in RVA, you just might receive your request! It is looking like we may get some snow Thursday night. ⬇️❄️ SNOW CHAT ❄️ ⬇️ The limiting factor tomorrow isn’t the cold air (plenty of it) but IF the moisture makes it far enough North. https://... Read More
kat simons

Taylor Swift's Dad Found a Burglar in His Penthouse

I can't imagine how scared I'd be if I got that phone call... Imagine getting a phone call from your beloved parent, informing you that they found a burglar in their very own house. Well, Miss Taylor Swift got that exact phone call just the other day when a burglar attempted to rob from Swift's $4... Read More
matt murphy

The Weeknd Releases Another Teaser for New Album

His new album is called 'After Hours' and is looking to be pretty good! We already know his first two songs dropped simultaneously, 'Heartless' and 'Blinding Lights'. Well, now here's another teaser for his new album. Before, he had loosely named the album 'Chapter Six', but he had a recent change... Read More
David Harbour

Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Shows Hopper Alive

Did Netflix give us a Valentine's Day gift? In the new trailer for "Stranger Things," Season 4, Hopper appears! Remember when fans spotted Hopper's car on the set ? It all makes sense now. Kind of. Video of STRANGER THINGS 4 Trailer Teaser (2020) Read More
kat simons

Nicki Minaj Shows Love to Doja Cat on Queen Radio

Doja Cat revealed that Nicki Minaj is one of her rap idols, and Nicki Minaj gave all of that love back! Nicki Minaj saying @DojaCat s name ----❤️-- — AllTheseBitchesIsMySons (@JayAreSpot) February 11, 2020 Recently, 'Queen' Nicki Minaj relaunched her Queen Radio show, and... Read More
night drive

Richmond Couple Live Streams Their Terrifying Uber Ride

Richmond couple, John Murray and Tameka Swann wanted to go out and enjoy the town this past Monday, so they decided to call an Uber. Shortly after, they were rear-ended. The Uber driver attempted to stop the vehicle to exchange information with the other driver, but the driver sped off. It was a... Read More
kat simons

Camila Cabello Teases 'My Oh My' Music Video

Can you guess the plot based off of what she's teased? We are currently in the midst of the Romance era with Camila Cabello, and she's been rolling out a lot of cinematic-based music videos that are all based around the album's titular theme. Just last week, on February 5th, she announced that the... Read More
Stripper pole

A Stripper in Texas Fell Off a Two-Story Pole and Keeps Twerking

This woman isn't just a stripper or an exotic dancer; she is clearly Superwoman! This Texas stripper falls off of a two-story pole and keeps twerking. Yes, you read correctly. She KEEPS twerking. Although she did not break any limbs, she did sprain her ankle and fractured her jaw. She's going to... Read More