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kat simons

Is Ariana Grande on Mac Miller's post-humous Album?

A lot of fans think they can hear her softly harmonizing on one of his tracks. Fans believe Ariana is softly harmonizing on the track "I Can See." — POPSUGAR (@POPSUGAR) January 18, 2020 What do you think? See for yourself here: Video of Mac Miller - I Can See A very... Read More
kat simons

The Worst Pizza Crimes in History

This extends beyond the pineapple on pizza drama! #1: Kiwi on Pizza #2: Peas and Mayonnaise Pizza Peas and mayonnaise pizza?! Yes please — Ryan Gosling (@FOX152) February 27, 2017 #3: Spaghetti Pizza I made Spaghetti Pizza. The kids love it. Toasted Buttered French bread... Read More
wendy williams

Wendy Williams Makes Fun of Joaquin Phoenix's Cleft Palate

Wendy Williams poked fun at Joaquin Phoenix's cleft palate on her popular morning show. Joaquin is most recently known for his role as Joker, while Wendy is now most known for, well...this. She has apologized for it, but many believe it is not enough, like Cher. For a solid 10 seconds she used her... Read More
matt murphy

Moms Slams Burger King for "Use of D-Word" in Commercial

I had to think about what the D-Word actually was for a minute... This is the infamous advertisement released by Burger King that caused so much chaos in the mom world, check it out: a big deal just became a bigger deal. the Impossible Whopper is available nationwide starting 8/8. Read More
Queen Elizabeth

A Statement From the Queen

Her Majesty the Queen has released a statement about Harry and Meghan's desire to live more independently. Discussions are ongoing regarding what that independence will look like. A statement from the Queen: — Omid Scobie (@scobie) January 13, 2020 Read More
matt murphy

Is Ariana Grande Back in the Studio?

Not that I'm complaining, but... Does this girl ever stop working?! Talk about a workaholic! Miss Grande released back-to-back albums from 2018 to 2019, went on a world tour to promote both, executive produced and starred in the Charlie's Angels soundtrack, broke records for voter registrations,... Read More

Pet Turtle Found After Going Missing in 1982

A young girl, Lenita lost her pet turtle in 1982. Her family helped her look for the turtle all over the house. It was determined that the tortoise had gotten outside at some point, however, more than three decades later, the SAME turtle was found in storage. You have to read the full story below!... Read More
matt murphy

We'll Be Getting a New Mac Miller Album on January 17th

It'll be his first post-humous album titled, 'Circles'. His family released a statement that discussed the process that was happening while Miller was in the process of his 2018 album 'Swimming'. He was already recording his album titled, 'Circles', to be released as a companion album, with "two... Read More
matt murphy

Nigeria's Doors Are Wide Open for Cardi B's Citizenship

The rapper recently joked about the possibility of WWIII on the horizon. In light of all of the chaotic world politics that is happening, Cardi B had some funny things to say about World War III. Picking my tribe — iamcardib (@iamcardib) January 3, 2020 Even down to her name: Picking my tribe —... Read More