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Shout Out to These Stores That Will Be Closed for Thanksgiving

We know that Thanksgiving is all about family, but so many retail stores stay open and make their employees work. These stores will actually be shutting down for the holiday based off of what they've told ! Kudos! Academy Sports and Outdoors Ace Hardware Army and Airforce... Read More

Things Americans Do That is Strange to Other Countries

It's no secret that Americans do things differently than other countries, but I've found a list of things that are surprising. Other countries don't drink coffee on the go? Other countries don't use ice? See the full list of what makes us different below! Read More

Post Malone Spends Over $50,000 at Strip Club

Apparently he's the nicest celebrity that's ever been in. So, according to PageSix , is that Post Malone made a stop by the strip club FlashDancers after the second of his back-to-back concerts at Madison Square Garden. Apparently Posty went into the club early Wednesday morning, and supposedly "... Read More

Panera Worker Fired After Exposing Their Cooking Process

I mean are we really surprised this is how they cook their food? So we all know Tik Tok, it's Vine 2.0, basically. This particular restaurant employee decided it'd be fun to post a now viral video of the food cooking process. The employee, who goes by Bri on Twitter, admitted she was fired after... Read More