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Breaking News: 18 Wheeler Stuck Inside Norfolk Tunnel

An accident involving two SUV's and a tractor-trailer has caused lanes to be closed to the downtown Norfolk tunnel. It is being reported that those involved are suffering non-life threatening injuries. The tractor-trailer is now stuck inside the tunnel. You can see photos here . A second crash... Read More
kat simons

Camila Cabello Shows What's She's Been Up to in Quarantine

While we've been sitting in quarantine doing whatever it is we do on the day to day, Camila Cabello has been honing her skills and getting ready for some new music! Well... Maybe not new-new, but new-ish! She's starting up an intimate acoustic Camilla Cabello show with MasterCard. Check out the... Read More

A Family in Caroline County Found Close to One Million Dollars

The Schantz family of Caroline County, Virginia smashed into a large bag in the middle of the road on Broad Street after seeing a car in front of them swerve to miss the object. They spotted another bag several yards away. The family decided to put both bags in the back of their pick-up truck to... Read More
drag queen

Your Favorite RVA Drag Queens are Booking Driveway Shows

Just when you thought you couldn't have a drag brunch anymore in Richmond, drag queens like Michelle Livigne made a joke about doing driveway shows! That joke has now become a reality. Over 40 homes booked a show in less that three days. See what else Livigne had to say and learn how you can book a... Read More
kat simons

Will There Ever Be a Fresh Prince of Bel Air Reboot?

Alfonso Ribeiro catches up with Entertainment Tonight as he spills the beans on his Fresh Prince days. What shows do you wish would have a reboot? For me, Fresh Prince is UP THERE. Like, probably as much as Friends. Maybe even more. Even if they were to do a Fresh Prince of Bel Air special, I would... Read More
kat simons

The Celebrity Cameos in the 'Stuck With U' Music Video

Need I remind that Quarantine Prom King and Queen go to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande? If not, 1) Where have you been??? and 2) I got the goods for you right here, check out the doo-wop song that's taking America's heart right now: Video of Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber - Stuck with U (... Read More
kat simons

Demi Lovato Makes Cameo on Ariana & Justin's New Song

She seems so happy! Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber were deemed the Quarantine Prom King & Queen when they released their latest single, 'Stuck with U'. Video of Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber - Stuck with U (Official Video) It had a lot of cameos, from Ariana's new boo, Justin's wife,... Read More
matt murphy

Murder Hornets? The 10 Things You Need to Know

All of this hornet talk has been so wild, so I wanted to make sure that I got myself straight by checking out some facts about what's been up with nature as of late. If the name in and of itself isn't scary enough, let's get some of the latest news of the murder hornets: Video of MURDER HORNET... Read More
matt murphy

Matt Murphy Catches Up with Surfaces over Zoom!

The guys of Surfaces sat down with Matt Murphy on Zoom to talk about quarantine, music, and binge-watching and more! Listen to their latest song 'Sunday Best' below! Video of Surfaces - Sunday Best (Official Music Video) Read More