The Connection I had with Former First Lady Barbra Bush

April 18, 2018

Former First Lady Barbra Bush passed away yesterday at the age of 92. She'd been suffering from heart disease and COPD, and had recently decided to end treatment. 


When I heard this news I admit I was upset. You might think why would that upset me? I’ll tell ya… I might be giving away my age here… but former First Lady Barbra Bush was the 1st First Lady I remember. I mean I do SORTOF remember Former First Lady Nancy Reagan…. But I mean the first I remember as I was growing up. 


She was definitely thought of as America’s Grandmother... very kind and she was kind to me.  And that is something I will always remember her for.


When I was a child I wrote to Former First Lady Barbra Bush at the White House. AND SHE WROTE ME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Em Gee when got that letter I was doing flips.  The First Lady seriously took time to write back a child that sent her a letter? I mean WOW what an amazing woman and amazing thing to do.  It made not only my day but something that I’ve cherished since and have kept all of these years!