Kourtney Kardashian Goes To Congress

April 25, 2018

You read that right! The oldest Kardashian has headed to Washington D.C. to attempt to get the government to enforce certain guidelines for chemicals used in beauty products.

Kourtney teamed up with the Environmental Working Group to update an 80-year-old FDA law on personal care items and makeup. She's working alongside the EWG's President, Ken Cook and their platform stresses the importance of making beauty products safer. 

Kourtney is viewing it from a parent's perspective saying it's hard to keep up with all the ingredients that are being exposed to children today and said "We rely on experts, [but] there’s only so much we can do." and feels it's time for Congress to do its job! She also said “I do think it would be nice if there were laws to regulate people running these businesses so these companies can have some standards on what to use.”

Full story and video HERE!