*LIST* Best Valentine’s Flower Deals At Grocery Stores

February 12, 2018

These are some of the best grocery store offers out there:

Aldi - While you’re on your weekly grocery run, pick up a dozen red roses for just $13 and all kinds of sweets, like heart-shaped marshmallows and chocolate truffles.

Costco - Everything’s bigger at Costco, even their floral arrangements. Why settle for 12 roses when you can get 50 stem roses for $50?

Publix: Grab a premium dozen red roses for only $19.99, plus they’ve got those heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie cakes and BOGO Hallmark cards, too

Trader Joe’s: When you go to stock up on Valentine’s Day wine deals, pick up one of the “bodacious bouquets” of a dozen roses in all kinds of colors for $12.99.

Wegmans: They’ve got tulip bundles for $6 and bouquets with vases starting at $20, no wonder everyone loves this store.

Whole Foods: Amazon and Whole Foods are bringing a special discount on Whole Trade Certified roses through Valentine’s Day. You can get two dozen roses for $24.99 and Amazon Prime members save more, two dozen roses is just $19.99 for them.