Chesterfield Woman with Breast Cancer is Stuck on Cruise Ship with Coronavirus Outbreak

March 9, 2020
cruise coronavirus

Judy McClelland of Chesterfield, VA and her husband, David are stuck on-board Grand Princess cruise ship after passengers began getting sick.

Twenty-one passengers have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and Judy has said that very little information has been given to them. Judy has stage four metastatic breast cancer and chose to go on the cruise with her husband because it aligned perfectly with her treatment. 

The problem is that she was supposed to have another chemo infusion today, but will not make it to her treatment. 

She says they will not be returning to Virginia. Instead, they will be going to a military base in either Texas or Georgia.  It is unclear if this is a choice or a mandate of some sort. 

In a recent tweet, an announcement was made that Grand Princess should be arriving to port in Oakland, CA today after idling off the coast of California.

The McClelland's have been confined in their stateroom for the past three days. 

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