Covid Conspiracy: Who is Charles Lieber & Did He Create the Coronavirus?

There's just something about conspiracy theories...

April 6, 2020
kat simons

There's just something about conspiracy theories...

And yes, I'm wearing my tinfoil hat, there might be some truth to this one, y'all...

We can all agree that people can come up with the wildest conspiracy theories. This one in particular, has the internet shook at how odd certain details line up. Let's break it down:

1. Charles Lieber Lied to US Federal Authorities

In particular, about the payments he allegedly received from the Wuhan University of Technology. He even went about concealing his participation within China's Thousand Talents Plan, which is a program that recruits elite scientists. He was then charged with lying about it. Yikes.

2. Chinese Nationals Arrest + Lieber Rumors = Disaster

Once he was charged, he was held in detention by US Law enforcement... Along two Chinese nationals, one who made a claim that he's been smuggling vials of quote unquote "sensitive biological samples" to China. Hmmm...

3. Lieber Accusation Claims Debunked

This is one where we can give to Lieber himself, apparently there were no connections between Charles Lieber and the two nationals from China. 

Article via: AS

What do you think? Do you believe everything in the article is real? How do you feel about Charles Lieber being a potential culprit of the coronavirus itself? Or do you think it's all BS? Sound off in the comments below!