If You've Experienced This, You're a Millennial

October 1, 2019

I saw this article on Buzzfeed and I couldn't help but laugh. Does anyone identify with this with their childhood?

1. "Got Off The Internet Because Someone Needed To Make A Call" years old.

2. "Carried My Entire Music Collection In A Binder" years old.

3. "Orange Tape" years old.

4. "Printed Out Directions From The Internet" years old.

5. "Read The Back Of A Shampoo Bottle On The Toilet" years old.

6. "Had To Look Up Movie Times In The Newspaper" years old.

7. "Video Games Only Worked On Channel 3" years old.

8. "Recorded A Song Off The Radio For A Ringtone" years old.

9. "Waited Two Weeks To Get Pictures Developed And They All Came Back Looking Like This" years old.

10. "Looked Through The Eyehole On A Camera To Take A Picture" years old.

For the full list, please visit Buzzfeed.