The Celebrity Cameos in the 'Stuck With U' Music Video

May 15, 2020
kat simons

Need I remind that Quarantine Prom King and Queen go to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande? If not, 1) Where have you been??? and 2) I got the goods for you right here, check out the doo-wop song that's taking America's heart right now:

But that isn't the only thing it alluded to:

Who is THIS?! No, this isn't Pete Davidson, apparently it's real estate agent Dalton Gomez. This is the singer's first public boo thing since Pete Davidson. Apparently in between the two, she dated Mikey from Social House ("Boyfriend", anyone?). Either way, I'm glad that Ariana has a new boo thing that she's happy to be 'stuck with'!