Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson Give ‘The Dirt’ on Their Bromance While Taking Lie Detector Test

From if they’ll be friends forever to who the funniest ‘SNL’ member is

March 29, 2019

“They’re trying to break us, man,” Pete Davidson realizes after questions during his lie detector test with best friend Machine Gun Kelly got a little too intense.

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When Machine Gun Kelly isn’t going through hours of transformation to be turned into Tommy Lee for Netflix’s The Dirt, the rapper is probably hanging out with BFF Pete Davidson. In a new video for Vanity Fair, the duo gave a forcedly honest look into their friendship.

While hooked up to a lie detector test, Kells and Pete talk about everything from their characters in The Dirt to how long they think they’ll be friends. Spoiler alert: the answer is forever.

“I’m still sh*tty but like, rich about it” Pete admits after confirming that he’s become a better person since making money. Hear from the Mötley Crüe biopic costars and get an inside look at their real-life bromance in the hilarious video above.

Along with giving Pete and Kells an excuse to do interviews together, The Dirt has also boosted Mötley Crüe’s iTunes downloads by 2,027% while earning them huge streaming increases across the board. Watch Machine Gun Kelly and crew share more behind-the-scenes secrets in the RADIO.COM exclusive below!