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JoJo Q94

Join Q94 and JoJo on Instagram LIVE!

Watch Jojo on Instagram Live with Q94, Richmond's Number One Hit Music Station on Thursday, April 16th.
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galaxy con

Matt Murphy Talks with Cooper Andrews from The Walking Dead

Cooper Andrews from The Walking Dead discusses Galaxy Con
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EXCLUSIVE: Jonas Brothers Explain Their Recent Gift Giving Controversy

One of the many benefits of having siblings is being able to share. Sometimes that means clothes, and sometimes it means credit. The Jonas Brothers have always made it a habit of going in on a gift together, helping each other out in the hectic holiday season, but now that everyone is married the...
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Post Malone Spends Over $50,000 at Strip Club

Apparently he's the nicest celebrity that's ever been in. So, according to PageSix , is that Post Malone made a stop by the strip club FlashDancers after the second of his back-to-back concerts at Madison Square Garden. Apparently Posty went into the club early Wednesday morning, and supposedly "...
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Panera Worker Fired After Exposing Their Cooking Process

I mean are we really surprised this is how they cook their food? So we all know Tik Tok, it's Vine 2.0, basically. This particular restaurant employee decided it'd be fun to post a now viral video of the food cooking process. The employee, who goes by Bri on Twitter, admitted she was fired after...
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Hocus Pocus Had Some Iconic Jokes

Twitter had a few jokes to crack at their favorite Halloween movie, let's check it out: Hocus Pocus is the story of a boy getting roasted by a ghost cat, supernatural beings, an entire community and a candle for being a virgin. — Vanessa Gritton (@nesgritton) September 2, 2017 True. People I side...
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Hailey & Justin Bieber Share Wedding Pics + New Music Video

Looks like it's a big week for all Beliebers! This past weekend, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married... Again? I thought they were already married? Either way, they shared their photos this past weekend and they look as happy as ever! last Monday was the most special day of my life:) A...
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Nick Jonas Almost Suffered a Coma With Diabetes Diagnosis

Although he made his announcement years ago, it's come back up recently. In a recent interview, he revealed that he's been struggling with his health since thirteen years old. Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, he explained his journey and his concerns of how it would effect everything in his...
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Decoding Taylor Swift's 'Lover' Album Lyrics

Calling all Swifties! So, if you know, Taylor's been putting a lot of little sprinkles of hints and homages within her work, but sometimes things go unnoticed, so I gathered a couple of videos decoding Taylor Swift's songs. Video of Taylor Swift's "The Archer" DECODED!...
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Justin Timberlake Attacked on Fashion Week Red Carpet

Apparently it was all a prank and meant in good nature, but even still... "Celebrity prankster Vitalii Sediuk grabbed onto Timberlake's leg outside the Louis Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week. " ( ET ) Video of Watch Justin Timberlake Get ATTACKED at Paris Fashion Week
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