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I wish I could tell you something insanely FASCINATING about myself, but the truth is, I'm just a girl who was born and raised near RVA who absolutely loves radio. Radio stole my heart about six years ago.

I like Mexican food as much as American and I eat entirely too much of it. I've never outgrown pizza as my absolute favorite though!  Some people think it's weird that I watch as much true crime television as I do...but, we're all a little weird right?  I have three children and they all have four legs. I like to paint things. On the weekends you can find me going to shows, hanging out with friends, spending time with family and enjoying one, two...or three adult beverages. Sunday mornings are reserved for church. Once I start making the BIG bucks (wink), I'd love to go back to school and get my master's degree. 

So, what's my favorite music? In all of the years I've been asked that, I haven't been able to give a direct answer. I sing a lot of pop music in the shower. Rock is more my thing while driving 70 or 80 down the highway. I blare hip hop through the crappy speakers in my little Hyundai sometimes, too, and I enjoy a good country song on a nice warm day. 

Oh, and I'm an Instagram junkie! 

PS: Yes, I am a natural red head. Check out those eyebrows! 

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