Gun Range Wins Injuction

Richmond, Va. ( - Governor Ralph Northam says he is evalutating options, after Safeside Gun Range in Lynchburg won an injunction against the Governor's closure orders, allowing them to reopen.  Safeside is the only range allowed to open under the injunction.  Northam ordered ranges closed as a non-essential business during the coronavirus pandemic.  

Northam says he did not target any one industry, but was concerend about the ability to prvent spread of coronavirus in an enclosed space.  Safeguard has to observe social distancing rules to open.  Northam says he is trying to solve the health crisis so that businesses can reopen, and address the economic crisis.

Northam also declined to give an exact timeline on his blueprint for reopening, saying that the steps for moving between phases will depend on case numbers, hospitalizations, and other metrics.  Republicans in the General Assembly asked for an exact timeline, after Health Commissioner Norman Oliver made quickly retracted comments that Phase 1 could be a "two year affair."  Republican says the administration needs to refute the perception of an endless economic shutdown.