Northam Announces Entertainment Closure Extension

Richmond, Va. ( - Governor Ralph Northam has announced an extension of the entertainment and recreational business closure order to May 8th.  Originally, those businesses, as well as the ban on 10 or more people gathering, was supposed to lift on April 23rd.  The announcement comes as experts say we have not yet reached our peak in terms of coronavirus cases.

Northam also said, however, that at this point, he does not intend to extend the "Stay at Home" order past June 10th.  However, Northam admits the situation is fluid and that could change.  State Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield), a conservative running for governor next year, had taken to Facebook in the past 24 hours to suggest the Governor was going to push the order all the way to August, and the rumor gained traction online.

Virginia also saw an increase of 41 deaths on the Health Department dashboard.  Commissioner Norman Oliver said the big jump was caused by a lag in imputing data.