Joe Fu

DJ Joe Fu is, and always has been an entertainer. Since childhood he has played instruments, acted, and been in front of a camera. His quest to entertain the masses has never been quenched. Since 2003, Joe Fu has appeared in movies such as Anger Management and appeared on TV shows ELLEN and Access Hollywood. Joe Fu has also emceed charity events, contests, fashion shows and co-hosted America's Next Top Model Local Search on the CW.

In 2009, he was declared as one of the top Mix Masters of the 757 in the Virginia Pilot.

In 2012, he was featured in Hampton Roads Magazine as someone to know in Hampton roads.

​Joe Fu is best known for his Top 40, Dance, Remix and Mash up parties and has definitely been labeled a Party Rocker. Having done thousands of gigs from big-room clubs to local bars and all in between spinning music from all genres with ease, Joe Fu proves to be an incredibly versatile DJ while still maintaining his talent for radio and acting work as well.

You never know if his 86 year old grandma will be rapping, or what is gonna come out of his MOUTH!