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Joe Fu's Bulldog Becomes DJ

Joe Fu’s French Bulldog Frankie wanted to become a DJ so he helped him out! He even has some sick scratch moves! Frankie was featured on a DJ instagram Serato! So much fun! Dog lovers enjoy!
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black bear

Black Bear Found in Home was Unimpressed by Police

Could you imagine getting ready to do some laundry with a bear staring down at you? A Montana homeowner could tell you all about it.
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Young People Aren't Wearing Deodorant Anymore

Young people aren't wearing deordorant anymore. The numbers are astonishing. Do you wear deordorant every day? Find out how many people aren't right here .
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Sam Smith

Sam Smith Wears New Heels

These are every day heels? According to Sam Smith, they are! I have ALWAYS wanted to find a heel I could wear everyday to the shops ---- dream come true!! I love you @shopsyro A post shared by Sam Smith (@samsmith) on Jun 19, 2019 at 7:14am PDT
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Unfiltered: Former Virginia Teacher Explains Exactly Why She Quit

After people assumed she quit over poor pay, former Virginia teacher let's everyone know the truth about why she quit.
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Google Calendar is Down

Burn. Google Calendar is down after Google was just bragging about it. Whoops. Scheduling made simpler with @googlecalendar → https://t.co/3WXZX2deRE pic.twitter.com/s3E1q8gGsO — G Suite (@gsuite) June 18, 2019 Google Calendar is currently experiencing a service disruption. Please stay tuned for...
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Bill Cosby

People Outraged Over Bill Cosby's Instagram Post for Father's Day

Out of line or no? Some people are appalled by Bill Cosby's Insta post over the weekend and others are still calling him their 'hero.' Hey, Hey, Hey...It’s America’s Dad...I know it’s late, but to all of the Dads... It’s an honor to be called a Father, so let’s make today a renewed oath to...
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Halsey Says F*ck Straight Pride in London

You've probably heard all about the lesbian couple who was allegedly harrassed and beaten in London recently. At Halsey's recent show in London, she let the world know exactly what she thought about it. Halsey wore the victims of the homophobic attack on her shirt with "fuck your straight pride" on...
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Valedictorian Purposefully Misquotes Donald Trump

A Kentucky valedictorian misquotes Donald Trump on purpose. This actually happened last year, but as politics stay heated, it has gone viral again and is worth a watch! Crowd cheers when Kentucky HS valedictorian Ben Bowling quotes Trump, then groans when he reveals the inspirational quote was...
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It's National Doughnut Day: See Deals in RVA

National Doughnut Day began more than 80 years ago in honor of "Donut Lassies!" #DYK : The Salvation Army's wartime service began during World War l where our 'doughnut lassies' would serve doughnuts and coffee to soldiers at the front lines. pic.twitter.com/pWNVX9EGja — The Salvation Army (@...
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