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Mom is Happy That She Got Her Child's Age Wrong

You would think that a mom would know her child's age, right; especially when they're barely adults. One woman forgot her child had a birthday and it actually paid off. BIG TIME! Read more below.
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Jamie Lynn Spears

Raw Footage: Jamie Lynn Sticks Up for Britney Spears 10 Years Ago

Rumors are spreading far and wide about Britney Spears as she approaches the end of her mental health treatment. Her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears is pretty pissed about everyone making it their business. She shares a video of the two of them from ten years ago that shows Britney being taunted by...
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PANIC! At the Disco is Proud of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Shotgunning Ability

Don't try this at home. If you're going to shotgun a beer as fast as Dale Earnhardt Jr. can, you may as well do it to a PANIC! At the Disco song, right?! . @DaleJr responds to @ClintBowyer ’s shotgunning of a beer. -- pic.twitter.com/dPA7hbTJhF — NASCAR on NBC (@NASCARonNBC) April 18, 2019
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Just When You Thought Target Couldn't Get Any Better

Yes! I need this NOW! TIME TO (POOL) PARTY!!!! -- The -- was pretty much out of the bag last week, but there are no words to explain how thrilled I am to officially announce MINNIDIP is now available at YOUR LOCAL TARGET and on Target.com (shop link in bio)!!! ------ The Minnidip pool party is now...
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VIDEO: Meteor Over Virginia Last Night

I woke up this morning to some social media posts from friends saying that saw a massive light fall from the sky last night. Possible meteor? A dash cam captured the footage in Tappahannock last night. Oh....and this person just so happens to be listening to Q94! Woohoo! Have a look below!
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A Look Inside Notre Dame After Fire

Yesterday the world watched as Notre Dame in Paris glowed red and orange in a blaze of fire. Authorities are now saying that the fire has been put out. Photos have been released that show what the inside of the cathedral looks like now. Many items are able to be saved. Click below to see the photos.
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Kanye West Gets A Mountain for Coachella This Year

Kanye West has a gospel service planned for Coachella... just in time for Easter Sunday. It's quite literally going to be on a mountain. Check out more right here .
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Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is Asking YOU to Be in Her Next Music Video

Ellie Goulding needs your pictures for her new music video! Let's see if you make the cut! I’m working on something special for my next single… If you’d like to be involved in the official lyric video, I’d love you to upload pictures/videos of when you were 16: https://t.co/hxl4uUHpxT More news...
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Harmless April Fools' Jokes

So you want to prank someone for April Fools' Day, but you also believe in karma? Choose something harmless, yet still funny! 18 harmless pranks can be found right here .
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green Virginia

33 Virginia Areas are Ranked in US News and World Report's Healthiest Communities

US News and World Report has ranked the Top 500 Healthiest Communities to live in the United States. 33 Virginia areas have made the list. Here they are with their ranking. 3 - Falls Church city, Virginia 4 - Loudoun County, Virginia 13 - Fairfax County, Virginia 18 - Fairfax city, Virginia 25 -...
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