Instagram Announces New Feature to Rival TikTok

Instagram’s TikTok competitor is coming to the United States in August. Instagram, the social media app owned by Facebook, plans to launch the platform in the U.S. and more than 50 countries, reported NBC News.
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Study Claims Instagram Prioritizes 'Sexy Selfies' in Your News Feed

If you’re not getting as much traction on your Instagram page as you would like, you may need to spice it up a bit. A study finds that the platform is prioritizing ‘sexy selfies’ in your news feed.
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Jennifer Lopez's Latest Gym Selfie Has Fans Worried

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted something a little concerning in the background of JLo’s latest gym selfie, leaving folks to wonder if JLo has a stalker in her midst. See the post.
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Mask Selfies on Instagram Are Being Used to Develop New Facial Recognition Tools

If you’ve posted a selfie wearing a face mask it could be being used without your consent. Researchers have been collecting thousands of face mask selfies directly from Instagram in order to develop the next generation of facial recognition tools.
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Instagram Launches Tool That Focuses on Mental Health, Wellness Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Instagram just launched a tool that focuses on mental health and wellness during the coronavirus pandemic. If you use the famous app, find out what the platform offers.
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Why Are Instagram Influencers Giving Away So Much Cash Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic?

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, many still find themselves strapped for cash, unable to go to work or laid off from their previous jobs. Instagram influencers everywhere have claimed to have the solution.
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Meghan Trainor

Join Q94 and Meghan Trainor on Instagram LIVE!

Meghan Trainor will join Q94 on Instagram live to discuss coronavirus, music and more!
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Teenager Threatened With Arrest For Posting Coronavirus Photo on Instagram

A Wisconsin teen was threatened with arrest after posting about having coronavirus symptoms on Instagram. Now her parents are suing the sheriff’s department for violating their daughter’s first amendment rights.
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Leighton Meester Shuts Down Instagram Troll Who Called Her 'Fat'

Leighton Meester has proven that she has no shame around calling out Instagram trolls in front of her millions of followers. See what she had to say to someone who called her “fat” online.
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Trevor Daniel

Join Q94 and Trevor Daniel on Instagram LIVE!

Trevor Daniel will join Q94 on Instagram live to discuss coronavirus, music and more!
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