POLL: Should the Governor of Virginia Resign?

You've obviously heard a lot of opinions lately surrounding Virginia politics. We what to know YOUR opinion on the matter.
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Top Halloween Candy in Virginia

The top Halloween candy in Virginia may definitely come as a surprise to you! It's not Reeses. It's not Snickers or Skittles. It's not sour. It's not sweet. IT'S HOT! Hot Tamales is the top Halloween candy in our state! See more states right here .
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Virginia Lottery

Forgotten Lottery Ticket Worth $100K !

SoJames Wright from North Carolina bought a Virginia Lottery Cash 5 ticket while in Virginia, he stuck the ticket in his glove compartment and forgot about it. He found it while cleaning out his truck three months later. Thank goodness he did find it because that ticket had won him $100,000 in the...
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